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Enhance Your Home with Stone

Natural Stone has always been used to add a touch of ageless character and aesthetic value. This is now being recreated through architectural stone veneer and accessories to decorate homes with that same classic look.


HomeTegrity Inc are the Oregon stone veneer installation experts, so you can relax knowing your project will be installed with exceptional quality and craftmanship. If stone veneer isn’t installed right, it won’t look right. A lot more goes into an exterior remodeling project than just looking good. Our stone veneer is installed by quality craftsman that meets or exceeds every spec in the book.

Your Vision

You have a vision for your home. HomeTegrity Inc has the products to bring your vision to life. We specialize in exterior stone veneer, you’ll enjoy a unique exterior you’ll appreciate. Our stone and brick veneer combines utility, durability and economy with beauty.

Our Vision

Our vision for any project is to deliver overwhelming value to the customer. We bring the same level of professionalism and craftmanship to every project, which the customer directs at every turn.

Interior/Exterior Features

Features that bring your home to life. HomeTegrity Inc installs cultured stone on exterior features such as BBQs, FirePits and Outdoor Fireplaces, Kitchens and more..

What is Cultured Stone?

Cultured Stone is essentially manufactured stone used as a decorative finish for the exterior and interior of  your home. It is made up of Portland cement, lightweight natural aggregates and iron oxide pigments. Molds  of natural stone are used to form the shapes of the manufactured stone giving them the exact appearance of real stone.

  • Light
  • Easy to cut
  • Uniform sizes
  • Predictable quality
  • Easy to obtain
  • Homogeneous appearance 
  • Color may fade
  • Brittle

What Is Natural Stone?

Natural stone, of the type that is used in homes, is 100-percent stone quarried straight from the earth, with
nothing added or removed, and no color additives. Natural stone can be wholly real in shape, such as rounded river stones.

  • Valued appearance 
  • Durable
  • Colorfast
  • Heavy 
  • Dense
  • Difficult to source

Benefits of using cultured stone

First, you’ll be very pleased to know that cultured stone is very durable and solid. Its long lasting
ability can offer you a great return on investment. Instead of spending a fortune after every few
years to do repairs to the interiors and exteriors of your house, cultured stone can last for many
years, providing you with an excellent finish and appeal to homebuyers if you ever decide to sell.

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