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HomeTegrity Inc Can Help With Your New Replacement Windows

If you have been pondering the idea of new windows, consider all of these additional benefits that will be added to your home. We offer a free in-home estimate so that we can determine the best option for your home. We invite you to call our team of window experts and learn about your window replacement options today. This home improvement is sure to be one you are proud of.

Window Operating Styles

The way a window operates can provide a room with the right amount of light and air flow. Take time to envision how you want your window to open and what it can help you achieve throughout your home.


The bottom sash moves up to allow air to flow into the home on a Single Hung
window and the top sash is fixed. Because the window opens vertically, it makes a

great solution for windows that overlook patios, balconies or walkways because it
won’t protrude into the exterior space.


Double Hung windows are a popular style because both the top and bottom sash
operate. They don’t protrude from the home, making them ideal for rooms facing
walkways or patios. Because they can tilt inward, they are also very easy to clean.


Picture windows beautifully frame your view. Because they do not open, they are ideal when paired with casements or awnings, which will add airflow in addition to natural daylight.


Horizontal slider windows open with the sash sliding to the left or right. If your window faces a walking path or patio, consider a horizontal slider that does not open outward into the exterior space.


Double Horizontal Slider windows allow air to flow into your home from both sides
with two, separate, operable panels. If your window opening is large, sliding windows are a great solution for both increased daylight and ventilation. Great for retrofit or new home construction projects.


Casement windows help you enjoy a beautiful view because the window has no rail to obstruct your view. They are hinged on the side and swing open, wide. This
provides great ventilation for your home.

10 Benefits of New Replacement Windows



Older windows on your home may look outdated or unattractive. Changing out the windows with new replacement windows will help give your home the look you are aiming for and improve the curb appeal.



New windows are easier to clean because most are built with a tilt-in feature. This allows you to tilt
the window and quickly wash the exterior of the window instead of doing so from the outside of the home.



Many older windows become very difficult to open and close over time. This can also lead to the windows not being able to remain open and falling shut.



Control: New windows provide better noise control from the outside commotion. If you live close to a main road or have noisy neighbors, new replacement windows could make for a world of difference!



Replacement windows will offer improved energy efficiency for your home. Older windows tend to have air leaks and let drafts into the home. The improved efficiency can help cut costs on heating and cooling bills!



Replacing your old windows will not only make your house look more appealing but will add to your home’s
total value.



Windows now come with great low maintenance features – including no painting!



A certain comfort can be brought to your home by replacing the windows. It can assist in providing a
warmer environment, and you can also move furniture closer to windows to help expand your living area.



New windows can also aid in easing fears of break-ins and intruders. Double locks and
interlocks double strength glass for high impact resistance.



Your old windows may have become foggy, scratched or dirty over time. Installing new
windows with new glass can help give you a clearer view of the outside world!

Because we believe in quality construction and beauty, HomeTegrity Inc proudly installs Milgard
custom made-to-order windows and doors designed to make a statement in virtually any home.
Milgard products are energy-star rated so not only will your home be more beautiful; it will also

be comfortable and energy efficient.

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